Quick Answer: Can I Listen To Music While Watching YouTube?

Can you play music while watching YouTube?

For Android * Go to settings (the three dots on the top right corner) and tap on the desktop tab.

* You’ll be redirected to the desktop site of YouTube.

* Play any music video you want to here and it will keep playing in the background while you use other apps or turn off the screen..

Can you record video while playing music?

You can record video while playing music simultaneously with the help of Together – Record Video while Playing Music app. For this, just play the music on your Android or iPhone device and start recording precious moments using Together app.

How do you play music while playing other apps?

To play music in the background while accessing other…From the Home screen, tap Apps > Music Player .Tap a song in your library to listen to it.Tap the Menu Key > Settings and checkmark the Show notification option so that the music controller is displayed on the Notifications panel.Tap Home Key .Tap Apps and tap the application you want to access.

How do you watch YouTube while using other apps iOS 14?

Activating Picture in Picture ModeOpen Safari.Navigate to the YouTube website.Find a video that you want to watch.Tap on the square icon at the bottom to put the YouTube media player in full screen mode.Tap on the video to display the controls.More items…•Oct 1, 2020

Can you listen to YouTube and use your phone?

Listen to YouTube on mobile on YOUR terms. … Thankfully, there are simple workarounds The Verge worked out for both Android and iOS, so you’ll actually be able to use your phone while you’re listening to your favorite songs.

How can I play YouTube with the screen off?

Swipe the control center up and tap the Play button. Then swipe the control center down and continue with your work. 7. The video is playing in the background or with the screen off.

How can I lock my phone and play YouTube?

The Google Chrome Browser on Android workaround is similar to the Mozilla Firefox one. Simply pull up the Chrome Browser – which should come preloaded on your Android phone – and watch the video in question. If you lock your phone, the audio should continue playing.

How do I hide music from a YouTube video?

Turn on song-only mode:Open the YouTube Music app, and make sure you’re signed into your YouTube Music Premium membership.Select your profile photo > Settings.Switch Don’t play music videos to the on position.

How can I play YouTube without the app?

Here’s how you can do it.Open youtube.com on Google Chrome.After the page is loaded, tap on the vertical three-dots icon on the top-right and select Desktop site.Now search for any video and open it.On the next page, your video will automatically start playing.More items…•Feb 13, 2020

What app lets me put music on videos?

11 Best Apps to Add Music to Video (Android & iOS)VivaVideo – Video Editor & Video Maker.Magisto Video Editor.Add Audio to Video: Audio Video Mixer.iMovie.InShot.GlitchCam.IG Story Editor.FilmoraGo.More items…

How do you play music in the background of YouTube?

Share All sharing options for: How to play free YouTube music in the background on Android and iPhonesOpen your Settings menu from your notifications pull-down or from your main menu.Select “Apps & Notifications”Tap “Advanced” at the bottom of the screen.Select “Special app access” > “Picture-in-picture”More items…•Apr 8, 2020

Can I lock my screen while watching YouTube?

Go to Settings->Accessibility->Dexterity and Interaction and enable the Interaction Control. Once enabled you can lock the entire phone, enable/disable certain buttons and you will be good to go!

Which app can play YouTube in the background?

Head to Google Play Store on your Android smartphone. Download the VLC for Android app. Once downloaded, go to the YouTube app. Open the video you want to play in the background.

How can I get YouTube premium for free forever?

How to get YouTube Premium for free forever? In 5 Steps.Go to the following link:Choose Theme & Other options from given.Click on the Download link generated.Download Micro G App.Install SAI(Split Apk’s Installer app) from Playstore.Install Vanced using SAI App.Now open YouTube Vanced app to Enjoy YouTube Premium for free forever.Jun 27, 2020

Can YouTube music play offline?

If you’re a YouTube Music Premium member, you can enjoy music offline by downloading your favorite songs and videos to your mobile device. This means you can keep listening to your favorite artists even if you’re not connected to the internet or want to save on data.

What app can record video while playing music?

Well, the device manufacturers figured that this is the desired behavior for the majority of users, and it wouldn’t be worth the trouble to add new settings for the feature. Therefore, only an app can let you record while music plays – Mideo is that app.